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Lemon Benefits for Weight Loss and Beauty

The fist of all the natural and healthy fruit juices created was lemon water and since then it has been widely produced. From packaged lemon juices to home-made ones, this has remained for centuries that has helped in digestion and weight loss. Besides its sweet and tangy flavour, lemon juice has a load of health benefits. It also helps reduce calories.

If you are a fitness enthusiast and your intention is to lose weight, then all you need to do is to consume one glass of warm lemon water as this is an effective fat cutter. If lemon juice can help you naturally lose weight, then ragi (Finger millet) can also do the trick. Both these natural weight loss agents can be added to your regular diet.

Facts about Lemon:

Before we understand how lemon aids weight loss, let’s take a peek into some the facts that you need to know about this natural, side-effect-free fruit.

  • Lemon juice cleans your urinary tract by flushing out unnecessary toxins.
  • Lemon juice helps detoxify the liver and this helps maximize enzyme function.
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Helps boost your immune system
  • It also improves your skin condition.
  • Lemon consists of vitamin C and potassium that is good for your heart
  • Drinking lemon juice with hot water in the mornings will help in maintain pH balance of the body.
  • It helps fight various infections in the body
  • Aids in digestion
  • It fights common cold
  • People sufferring from acne can consume lemon juice or water and it will reduce scars, rashes, wrinkles and dark spots.
  • It is also a good aid for sore throat, inflammation, joint pain, and pain in the muscles
  • In terms of dental problems, lemon juice prevents you from having gingivitis
  • It helps you have a normal bowel movement.

Lemon Benefits for Weight Loss

The benefits of lemon juice are massive ranging from good digestion to treating acne and a common cold. But, there are few people who may be allergic to citric and thus it is advised that they drink a lot of water and it will help in weight loss. Here some of the benefits of lemons and how it aids weight loss.

Lemon water keeps you hydrated, increases your metabolism and satiety and all of these factors helps in weight loss.
It is said that one glass of lemon water burns a minimum of 6 calories and this is the main factor that makes it a weight loss agent.
Replacing soda drinks and fruit juices and substituting it with natural lemon juice will reduce your calories on a daily basis by 200 calories.

Lemon water does have some content f calories in it but is more than enough to burn some calories that not many natural fruit juices can ever do. Drinking lemon water when you’re on a diet will help you reduce weight faster.

Note: Drinking lemon water is said to cut down on your calories, but if you want to reduce your weight faster, then you need to work out on a daily basis, meaning you must burn fat physically.

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